Hello, World!

My first POST, from now on will be POSTs, GETs, UPDATEs and more such things like that.

Alright, time to start writing.

This year, 2020, I am completing 14 years since I decided to work with Cisco. I applied to a test to get a free seat for the Cisco NetAcademy, and guess what, I passed it. I really enjoyed the content, everything was new, and I was very excited to learn more and to apply everything that I learnt. After completing the long training, I passed on the CCNA exam on my second attempt, I left my stable job to jump into a new adventure. I was hired by a company that was a huge Siemens partner in my country. They were very good with telephony system, so, naturally, I learnt about telephony, so, after learning about routers and switches, I was know learning about old PBXs and Cisco Unified Collaboration. My first version of CUCM was 4.1. Since then, I got more knowledge in this UC world, and then in 2013 I got my CCIE Voice number in my 4th attempt.

Now, it is time to learn new things, I hope to have the same passion that I had when I started 14 years ago. Without this passion, I will not get far.

print(“Hello, World”)

echo “Hello World”;

alert( ‘Hello, World!’ );

fmt.Println(“Hello, World”)

Stay tunned

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